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 ECC Project


The Enhanced Curtailment Calculator (ECC) is a tool that uses near real-time inputs from Peak’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and state estimator to accurately determine the origins of flows contributing to System Operating Limits (SOL) exceedances. When fully implemented, the ECC will support the reliable management of SOL exceedances by providing solutions that lead to both effective and efficient operation of the Bulk Electric System in the Western Interconnection.

An ECC Task Force (ECCTF) was formed in September 2011 to further explore and develop the ECC proposal. The ECCTF, which is comprised of Peak team members and stakeholders from Peak’s RC Area, advised Peak on the functional requirements for the situational awareness project phase implemented in June 2016. The ECCTF continues to provide subject matter expertise and recommendations for the remaining project phases.

The primary objectives of the ECC are to:

1. Provide operators with the ability to see exactly what is contributing to flows on the transmission system (including generation, load, interchange schedules) to better enable efficient and reliable actions for mitigating excessive flows contributing to SOL exceedances;

2. Provide updated tool to support the Unscheduled Flow Mitigation Plan (UFMP) requirements with increased accuracy achieved by using real-time topology, load, and generation

3. Provide operators with a tool for being predictive by looking into future hours to understand expected transmission flows, and

4. Provide users with the ability to take appropriate actions, such as curtail schedules or adjust generation, in a fair and equitable manner to mitigate SOL exceedances.



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