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 Peak Transitional RC

Peak Reliability Transition Reliability Coordination Services
The structure of organized markets allows for services like reliability coordination to be provided for little cost. In contrast, Peak as a stand-alone organization funded through bilateral contracts is dependent on its funders for support and has little ability to compete on a cost basis with an organized market provider. It is highly probable that our current funders will obtain reliability coordination services (as a standalone or bundled product) from a provider who offers both reliability coordination and market services in the future. Peak, as a steward of reliability and a prudently managed operation, has an obligation to respond and plan for this transition.

A white paper describing Peak’s standalone transitional RC is available HERE.

Information, collateral and meeting notices related to the transitional RC will be posted on this page.

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4/12/2018 7:53 PM


2018_03_30 Peak RC Services (Transition Plan) Final for Posting.pdf2018_03_30 Peak RC Services (Transition Plan) Final for Posting4/11/2018 10:21 PMNo presence informationRachel Sherrard
2018_04_11 Peak Transitional RC Final for Posting.pdf2018_04_11 Peak Transitional RC Final for Posting4/11/2018 9:59 PMNo presence informationRachel Sherrard
2018_04_11 Peak webinar QA final for posting.pdf2018_04_11 Peak webinar QA final for posting4/12/2018 11:34 PMNo presence informationRachel Sherrard
Standalone Transitional RC-20180411 1552-1.mp4Standalone Transitional RC-20180411 1552-14/12/2018 7:07 PMNo presence informationRachel Sherrard


WEBINAR-Standalone Transitional RCAttachmentWebinar/Conference Call4/11/2018 9:30 AM4/11/2018 11:00 AM