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 Reliability Coordination Training


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2019 System Restoration Drills &

DTS Train-the-Trainer Details 

Peak Reliability System Restoration Drills


Peak Reliability in its capacity as Reliability Coordinator hereby requests all Area Transmission Operators identified in Peak Reliability's restoration plan, and all Generator Operators identified in those TOP's restoration plans, to participate in its 2019 Area Restoration Drills per the schedules identified below pursuant to EOP-006-2 R10 and EOP-006-2 R10.1. As a registered TOP and / or GOP your entity is required by EOP-005-2 R12 and / or EOP-005-2 R18 to participate in these drills as requested by Peak. Although Peak encourages entities to participate in all drills for their Area, participation in at least two of those Area drills is required.


Registering for the Drills. The 2019 Area Restoration Drills Registration REVISED form is located in the Restoration Materials folder on this site. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND IN A REVISED FORM, BUT PLEASE NOTE REGISTRATIONS FOR WEEK 6 (APRIL 1-5) HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. Please complete one registration form for each drill date that your entity plans to attend. You may provide operators’ names at a later date. 

Proctor Agreements. Proctors, please fill in your name and email address at the lower portion of the registration form. Details on "DTS Train-the-Trainer Sessions" are located on the lower portion of this page.  


REVISED Drill Dates / Times. The drills will be scheduled in a five-week block. Area A drills will be held Tuesdays; Area B drills will be held Fridays; Area C drills will be held Thursdays.

  • Area A Drills (Tue): Feb 26; Mar 5, 12, 19, 26;  Apr 2​
  • Area B Drills (Fri):  Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Apr 5
  • ​Area C Drills (Thu):   Feb 28; Mar 7, 14, 21, 28; Apr 4 

Drills begin at 07:00 PT and end at 15:30 PT. Lunch is 30 minutes from 11:00 to 11:30 PT. Training Materials and notifications for Drills will be posted to and 

Continuing Education Hours. NERC certified personnel who participate in and complete the drill with a Passing score will receive Continuing Education Hours as follows: 

8.0 Operating Topics hours, 8.0 Standards hours, and 7.5 Simulation hours. 

DTS Train-the-Trainer Sessions

Train-the-Trainer Dates / Times – Peak will conduct Area DTS Train-the-Trainer (TtT) WebEx sessions from 0800 to 1430 PST on the dates listed directly below. To register for a session, please complete the DTS TtT registration form located in the Restoration Materials folder.

·         Area A TtT: Feb 5, and 13

·         Area B TtT: Feb 6, and 14

·         Area C TtT: Feb 7, and 12


What to Expect - DTS Training Sessions will focus on the following objectives:

·        Refresh Trainers/Proctors on DTS device operations.

·        Adjust generation parameters (ramp rate, frequency control, loading).

·        Control system frequency utilizing generation in auto, and manual.

·        Synchronize islands.

·        Utilize DTS Study application to determine effects of  device /  equipment operations, on system conditions.

After working through the DTS Worksheet, Trainers/Proctors will then have the opportunity to perform system restoration in the scenario that will be used during the 2019 Restoration exercises.

In addition to covering these objectives, we will be open for discussion/questions regarding DTS operations, and/or scenario modifications for the upcoming Restoration Exercises.


  Kelly Blackmer

RC Training Manager



4850 HAHNS PEAK DRIVE • LOVELAND • COLORADO • 80538    |      

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Contacts  Contacts

Kelly Blackmer
RC Training Manager
Robert Eubank, RC Trainer

Patrick Olin, RC Trainer
Arnie Schaff, RC Trainer


For Registrations / Records:
Ruth Manning, Training Coordination Administrator